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Amanda1 started this conversation
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Hi Amanda. Such a tragedy, these so called men out here. I wish someone would focus on this problem that we are having with men. This is a serious issue and often times the reason for so many families ending up in poverty. I just read your aidpage, being soomewhat new on this site. Society raises adult people to follow the Jonses but we are not really being educated. For starters, some of us have very few consequenses for our actions. I know you are having it rough but you must do the right thing by you, your children, and society. We have got to make people responsible for their actions or the problems will just persist. It is not fair to those of us who are responsible to allow others to toss all of their liabilities on to the rest of us. It is certainly not fair to you and your inocent children. You have to take care of yourself, as well so that you will be around for your children. Here is a link that might help. I believe that some people have to be made to do the right thing. Unfortunately, like I said, The education process is lacking consequencial training and social economics. In any case, a lot of us , now have to suffer the consequenses of making others liable. Please pray. God, also works miricles, Have faith. Woman to Woman
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